Goodbye for now, St Louis

It seems St Louis knows little A and I are departing to Seattle, and might be trying to woo us into staying.  It poured rain all night, and there is cool, fresh air coming in the windows (when was the last time I left the windows open past 9am??).  The sky is completely overcast, and there’s even a little breeze.

Yesterday evening it was the perfect temperature, and we walked all around all the nice neighborhoods near us (“the other side of the tracks” if you will).  It was a lovely summer evening.  By the end we were a bit tired and sweaty, just enough to merit stopping for some delicious Midwest ice cream.  Amazing how Alaythia barely eats most things she’s offered, but can devour many huge spoonfuls of good ice cream!

So assuming little A and I survive one tight airplane seat for 4.5 hours today, we’re looking forward to seeing all the Northwesterners again, and I know they’re looking forward to seeing us (okay, more her than me, but I like to think it’s “us”…).  We have a full schedule of visiting and travels, while Kabyn is here diligently studying away on his summer intensive class.  I’m looking forward to the trip, and according to what she says, Alaythia is too, but I know we’ll still be looking forward to our big travel back to see Daddy/Kabyn.  Because after all, the smiles just aren’t quite as big if we’re not all together.

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