In the Northwest

Alaythia and I are having a great trip to the Northwest.  So far we’ve been in Olympia, Walla Walla, Arlington, and now we’re headed to Seattle, then back to Olympia, then back to St Louis.  It’s already a lot of travel, but Alaythia has been a traveling superstar (she begged to go just sit in her buckled car seat today, in the parked car in the driveway, then cried when I made her get out…!), and has been sleeping SO SO SO much better than I had feared.  Yay!!

I don’t have much time, so I’ll just put up a few quick pictures and videos.

Don’t you wish you could stretch out and sleep on the seat of an airplane??

Reading some good literature with Babu (she insisted on wearing her vest… it’s COLD here, folks!)

Here she is with great-grandpa Smith, at her most favorite sort of a place–a shoe store.  She tried and tried to convince my mom to buy one of several choices of pairs of sparkly shoes, to no avail…

Alaythia outside the door of Dixie’s home; Dixie generously let us stay in her lovely home for the weekend in Walla Walla.  Thanks Dixie!

We had a lovely stay at Dixie’s, enjoyed getting to spend a couple days with Grandpa Ike, and we even got to watch a Cardinals game on TV on a 105 degree day, which helped us feel at home.  Alaythia clapped and cheered “Yay Cardinals!” when they won, which was so cute that I wanted to film it for Kabyn.  Here is the footage I got from our crazy little toddler.

Splashing water and throwing rocks into the little pond at my grandpa’s retirement center:

Then off to the Fulmers’ in Arlington for a nice visit.  After a lovely Northwest morning with them, Alaythia got do what few ever get an opportunity to do: “drive” the old Jaguar.  Needless to say she enjoyed it greatly, and had no interest in getting out.

At one point, she was “driving” with Mae as a passenger.  She reached down into the side pocket of the door, and pulled out a couple old receipts.  She handed one to Mae, and said “Map!”  This made sense to me when Mae told me about it, because only the day before, the Smiths and lady Vikeslands had decided to take a detour route out of Walla Walla.  Let me just say I do not advise taking “shortcuts” through gravel roads in the rolling farmlands of Walla Walla County.  Not much that’s short about it… though as my Dad cheerfully pointed out, we are all now much more in touch with where our food comes from!

After driving a little longer, Alaythia handed Mae another receipt, and this time said, ‘Ticket!”

We’re still trying to figure out who she knows got a ticket and isn’t confessing to it…

Tomorrow and Friday I work in downtown Seattle for much of the day, and Alaythia will get to visit with her dear friend Ian.  Hopefully we’ll get a cute reunion video of the two of them, to be posted on here asap.

All in all, our trip is going marvelously.  Except, of course, we miss this wonderful, handsome guy terribly much:

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One Response to In the Northwest

  1. Amy H. says:

    We are SOOO excited to see y’all tomorrow!! So glad the trip has been great for everyone so far! 🙂 …although I felt bad that it has been hotter here for you this week ’cause I know you love the cool weather …..but, we’re enjoying the heck out of it in the meantime!! ha ha!

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