Alaythia and Alyssa in Seattle

Another quick post.  Alaythia and I had a fantastic although very packed, quick trip to Seattle this week.

We had a wonderful time with the Haggards, and Alaythia and Ian could not have been happier to see each other.  Both were pretty excited the entire time, and completely exhausted at the end of a long day and a half of playing together.  Ian was even more adorable, strong, sweet, and FAST than when we left, and it was cute to see him excited to see us.  Alaythia busied herself giving him orders and “taking care of” him (i.e. running after him, with great concern and milk sippy in hand, when he forgot his milk sippy and was distracted by a new adventure, “Ian, milk!!  Ian, milk!”).  It seemed her favorite activity was for him to push her in the swing outside.

We also saw all our old Toddler School friends for a fun, quick reunion toddler-madness playtime.  Alaythia did enjoy seeing them, despite  her feelings about the latest group photo:

After another sad goodbye to Haggards, we were off to Dr Jocelyn’s, and spent a wonderful evening with several of my best friends in all the world.  Alaythia was angelically quiet as we talked, busying herself delicately painting cream cheesy dip all over her grapes, arms, the table, and a little in her hair.  I admire Jocelyn for her great tolerance of an incredibly messy affair 🙂    As Jocelyn said as we talked later, “You have some wonderful friends here, Alyssa.”  Indeed I do.  It’s hard knowing I have such an absolutely amazing group of friends here, and yet we live so far away.

At one point the next day, Alaythia discovered a helmet, figured out how to put it on, and suddenly showed up looking like this:

Here she is with Jocelyn:

Friday evening we got to spend a wonderful five hours with Dorothy and Ellie, and two of our UW professors: Mickey Schurr and Bruce Robinson.  We had a great walk around Greenlake (think 2 hrs to go one mile kind of toddler-walk…), during which we talked about all sorts of political, scientific, and parenting topics.  It was quite delightful to listen to Mickey talk about DNA conformations in one breath, then in the next breath be pretending to be a doggie barking from behind a tree, in an attempt to get the two little girls to “go find the doggie” and therefore continuing moving forward in the long walk around the lake.

Ellie and Alaythia had a great time together, chasing each other around the park, swimming in the kiddie pool, running through puddles, eating cookies, “chasing the doggie”, and just being silly, silly cute girls.  Here’s a cute Ellie and Alaythia clip.  Here’s all of us:

And the cute girls:

This morning Alaythia and I had our one kind of quiet Seattle time together.  We had a little mommy-daughter Starbucks date this morning (in our coats, of course… a perfect cold, cloudy, foggy Seattle July morning).  It was a fun way to end our time in Seattle.

From the second we drove into Seattle, it felt like home.  Olympia and Arlington and Walla Walla were familiar and nice places to visit, but it didn’t feel like we were at home until the second we got off I-5 North of Greenlake.  Then we were home… except it’s not our home.  So that was a bit unexpected, and a bit difficult, though still wonderful to see so many good friends, have good conversations, and still be a part of people’s lives and have them a part of our lives.  And of course it’s fun to be the celebrities of sorts whenever we’re in town now!  ;-0   It was also exhausting–being around people you’ve known for most of a decade and shared so much of life with takes a lot more work and energy and care than people you barely know.  Even in just two days, there was a lot of pain, happiness, worry, hopes, and disappointments shared.  Plus I was working most of the daytime, so I have returned to Olympia feeling absolutely exhausted.  Not doing much except blogging today.  Oh, and my mom and I have spontaneously decided to see if we can potty-train Alaythia.  Why not… on a long trip, away from home, tired, staying 6 different places in 9 days… perfect time to start.  We wouldn’t want to get bored.

We’ll refresh a couple days, sleep, get ready for the flight home, and actually I’ll be returning to Seattle (by myself) for a day work on Monday. Then Wednesday, back we go to the steamy city.

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