A Potty Kind of Day

Sometimes blogging keeps family and friends updated on our lives, especially since we’re much farther away.

Sometimes, blogging is my way of keeping track of our lives, so someday I can look back and remember.

Today is both.

Today was Alaythia’s sixth day in a row of having stretches of diaper-free time.  She started out well, though went quite often the first two days, and it didn’t always make it in.  At least half did, though.  The third day she did an impressive 5.5 out of 6 in the potty, and the following day met with similar successes.  The next day we flew home, and after she got home and settled yesterday evening, we decided to give her a brief time–and she did perfectly!  2 times, in the potty.   Today, in 3 hours of hydrating, eating, and playing, she had one peepee in the potty!  This represents a remarkable improvement in holding it, and she now has gone a number of days of accident-free diaper-free-time.  Not quite potty-trained yet, but well on her way!  My mom worked hard with her the first few days, which was nice, as the first couple days took the most attention.  We found right away that Alaythia needs to be helped to remember to go to the potty and at times encouraged to go on it, but she knows when she needs to go, and it just all goes better if she lets you know when it’s time.  Quite impressive–she’s caught on very quickly.  Today she was even able to run from one room to another for her one time.  The one time in an afternoon is a huge improvement–her first day, she was going (though often in the potty) every five minutes!

So that’s the main news of the day… the other is just a little story from dinner.

Kabyn was cutting up a nectarine, and Alaythia was examining it as he did so.  She looked at it, pointed to the pit, and said, “Meatball!”

Clever.  It does look like a meatball.  I’d never thought of that before.  Kabyn said, “It does look like a meatball!  But it’s actually a peach pit.

She thought about that for a second, looked a bit skeptical, and then pointed at it again and said, “A poop!”

Kabyn could keep a straight face.  I couldn’t.  And I’m not sure I can eat nectarines for a while… look carefully, and you won’t be able to, either.

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