Potty Training Update

Okay, so inspired by my St Louis friend Bethany’s posts on her potty training of Elijah, I’m going to try and do a [much less detailed and probably less inspiring] few posts to keep you updated on Alaythia’s thrills of victory and agonies of defeat.  Hopefully not too many of the latter.

We’re not quite as organized as Bethany, in that she did the “recommended” setting of the timer for a mandatory potty sit every 20 minutes or so, committing totally to underwear and pretty much just staying home for a week straight and doing Potty Training Boot Camp.  I was inspired by her plan and success, however, but we actually started in Olympia–at the home of my mom, which is filled with white carpet.  So we did it on the porch for a few hours a day, whenever it was actually warm enough to be outside.  Alaythia did an hour at first, up to about three hours straight, for the last four days we were there.  She did great, and clearly preferred initiating things herself.  She went from going 11 times in an hour and a half to more like once per hour and a half!  I was worried she was way too much of a leaky faucet to potty train yet, but they really do learn to hold it.

Since returning, logistically we’ve only been able to spend several hours a day diaper-free, but she’s done great.  Only one accident since our return to St Louis (i.e. one accident in four days!).  This morning, I wasn’t paying much attention as she sat on her potty (a comfortable chair, why not…) to watch her Letter Factory show.  She got up and down a bit, drank lots of watered-down milk (the ideal super-hydrating beverage), and intermittently played with her baby doll (who she sat on a little chair next to her, apparently also “sitting on potty”).  I was in the bathroom cleaning the sink when she came running in, holding her little potty, and excitedly exclaimed, “Dump in big potty!!”  I looked, and she had indeed carefully carried in her little blue Baby Bjorn one-piece potty, full of yellow liquid.  So not only did she initiate on her own, without me around, she sat down on and went in the potty accident-free, and more impressive, carried a potty full of pee through two rooms in the house!  So we gleefully dumped in big potty and gave her the hard-earned chocolate chips (her potty reward, though of course she barely seems to care… food is little incentive for that one…).

***Update later today***

After her first potty-carry, she went again soon thereafter, perfectly, completely on her own initiative and execution.  A little while later, I put her in a Pull-Up for church (her “pinks” as she calls the pink Dora the Explorer duds), and right before we went out the door, she said, “Mommy, potty!”  So we ran back, whipped down the pinks, and sure enough—success!  Which marks her first success in underwear or Pull-Ups—previously, both seemed to remove her ability to know when it was time.  So a big accomplishment!  An hour or two later, she agreed she needed to potty at church, and a success in a brand-new potty (again, detected while in the pinks).  Yay!  So proud of our little girl!  She’s worked very hard and been very focused, and I can tell she feels proud of her recent successes.  In fact, she was in “the pinks” for church because she adamently refused to put a diaper on to go out (what we have been doing), so, we may not get through our Size 3 diapers we’d stocked up on!

What kind of kid potty trains before they grow out of size 3s, anyhow?

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