Alaythia Reads Some Books

So in case you’re worried that all Alaythia gets to read or watch is educational materials geared towards learning letters and numbers, well, your fear could be legitimate.  I am trying to get more story into her life.  She now has one story DVD, which she LOVES and for unknown reasons laugh very hard while watching, Pooh’s Grand Adventure.

She also has a few story books.  Her current favorite is the big book of Curious George stories, given to me as a shower present by Elisabeth Haggard before Alaythia was born–Elisabeth knew Alaythia well, even then.

Click here to see Alaythia looking through a couple of her favorite evening books (the bunny nature one is her favorite, but notice I have included not one but TWO story books, so as to broaden her horizons).  My favorite part is her awareness of weather patterns where Bibi and Babu live (Olympia, WA)–whenever we get to that part of the book she says the same thing.  She was adorably narrating the first book, which I attempted to capture, but instead got this.

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One Response to Alaythia Reads Some Books

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    I grew up in the Mid-west so can sympathize somewhat.

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