Alaythia, Approaching Two

So our adorable little one is approaching the end of her second year.  I keep trying to think about some sort of all-encompassing, wonderfully inspired post about this year, her likes, dislikes, accomplishments, personality, and of course lots of pictures and video, but when it comes down to it, I don’t think I have time to pull that off.  And little pieces are sometimes more fun to read.  So, here’s a little piece for today, hopefully followed by a few more.

It seems many things about Alaythia have become just more and more pronounced as she gets older.  I wouldn’t say much seems to have changed about her basic personality, just developed.  For example, she has been and remains very stylish.  She has strong preferences about the color of her dresses, whether she wears shorts or a dress, which shoes go with which outfit (okay, she tends to think her cute shiny black shoes go with everything), and even what Kabyn or I should be wearing.  Here she is modeling a cute dress Elisabeth made for her:

Alaythia also remains very determined about how she thinks things should be.  This can be a very admirable trait, as well as, well, just plain stubborn.  For instance, she felt the ties on the top of this dress SHOULD NOT BE tied.  Try as I might, she insisted.  So it seems I’ll be modifying the dress to remove any chance of her coming to that conclusion in public.

Alaythia has been and remains very relational.  She’s very aware of people around her, remembers people she’s barely met, remembers people’s names, asks about people she knows and associates objects and things she’s done with certain people, and also seems to consider her stuffed animals almost people.  Perhaps she inherits this from her Auntie M, who also seemed to draw a fine line between animate and inanimate objects.

Alaythia involves one or more of her stuffed animals in nearly everything she does.  The other day, she insisted her little blue bear come to the park with us.  She clutched him tightly, and once arrived, carefully positioned him at the side of various paths, hugged and kissed him, then instructed him to watch her.  She repeated this a number of times in a variety of locations (yes, I so wish I had video of this… had I known what was to transpire, I would have taken the camera!!).  Her tiny kitty, pink bunnies, monkey, and the blue bear all have their place in her activities.  Sometimes animals come to dinner and are carefully positioned on a chair or the table, sometimes animals come with her out of the house, sometimes they are just involved with various activities in the house.

She’s always very sweet and kind to her animals, giving them lots of kisses and hugs.  Occasionally she even teaches them things (like the little plastic polar bear she attempted to potty train).

So far as potty goes, she’s getting there, slowly but surely.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that she is out of the house a lot, and just doesn’t seem quite ready to wear underwear out of the house.  In the house, when she’s focused and we’re asking her lots, she does very well.  She’s learning to tell us she has to go when she’s wearing a Pull-Up out of the house, but, it’s a slow process.  She gets extremely upset by any accidents, and following such incidents, will do all she can to refuse wearing underwear, usually with hysterical screams and much sobbing.

All to say, Alaythia remains a very emotional girl.  Very.  We are learning both to be sensitive, and to know when is time to hold the line and not be swayed but what could be considered at times a great deal of melodrama.  She’s extremely good at expressing her needs and desires and wishes, perhaps a little too good…

Alaythia’s level of expressiveness sometimes just manifests in a zeal for life.  She loves to laugh, she loves to swing, she loves to go to the zoo, she loves to play with her toys (both by herself and with her parents), she loves loves loves to color, she loves to learn.

Speaking of learning, she’s extremely adept at many things now.  She knows all her letters and numbers 0-9, she knows the sound of every single letter (and often when she sees words/letters somewhere, she’ll point out all the letters, then start telling you the letter sounds).  She knows all her main colors and shapes, and yes, of course I’m trying to work on her math and science skills now 🙂   We’re working on learning about combining simple letter sounds and identifying letter sounds in words—who knows how long that process takes to turn into reading (and what defines “learning to read”, anyhow?  if I teach her to read “mom” “dad” “cat” and “dog” before she turns two, can I claim I taught her to read at the age of 1??).

Alaythia has been making friends, both child and adult.  We are very blessed to have a few babysitters Alaythia loves and we feel comfortable with (and are friends with), and she has been blessed with a few fun kid friends.  Of course, they’re still mostly boys, but we’re really trying to work on that.  My great goal for Alaythia this coming year is a little girl friend, at long last!!

Here she is with her friend Charlie:

That’s all for today… hopefully more to come soon.  I’ll try and work on uploading a few recent videos.

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2 Responses to Alaythia, Approaching Two

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    That was a great description of
    Alathia’s likes & dislikes. Her Grandma was very emotional and almost as dramatic. I remember a hassel with her over a pair of shoes when she was 18 momth’s old. To make a long story short we ended up not attending the meeting we were going to and there was a bucket of water spilled, among oter things. I found it hard to believe how insistant a small child could be. Love

  2. Mae Fulmer says:

    Sold out by my own mother. What is this world coming to?
    Mom, MIL, MaeMae

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