Fall is Coming!

Never have I been so excited to see leaves starting to turn colors and weather cool off.  The last two days in St Louis have been HEAVENLY.  Bright sunny skies, highs in the low 70s, breezy… we’re loving it.  And humorously enough, right now we’re all bundled up in sweatshirts in our 75 degree house (the first time in who knows how long our A/C hasn’t kicked on all day!).  Highs next week will be back to the 80s, but supposedly not nasty humid 80s, just bright and breezy September 80s.

Alaythia and I savored the last day at the big beautiful outdoor swimming pool with friends.  I was worried it might be crowded on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, but we were some of the only people there!  Alaythia and her new little friend Libby had a wonderful but cold time splashing around and going down the waterslide.  Here’s a little video of them in the water.  At one point poor Libby got too cold to play, but Alaythia continued running around in the water and playing on all the toys, despite her purple lips and chattering teeth.  Evidently Alaythia has her Auntie M’s and my gene for cold water swimming (I couldn’t even count the number of times Michelle and/or I’ve been in the Pacific Ocean in Washington or Oregon, for multiple hours at a time, in cold grey windy Northwest spring weather!), though she doesn’t seem to quite have the proper body fat to sustain her desires to be in the cold water.

Isn’t this just toddler water play heaven?!

Lots of time in the cold water led to two very cold, wet girls huddling in their towels and happily sharing a snack.

Aren’t they cute together??  They could be a pair of toddler shampoo models…

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One Response to Fall is Coming!

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    Very nice watching 2 little girls have fun. Nothing beats the one of Alaythia singing to Daddy’s guitar. I loved that one. Grandma

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