My Wonderful Husband

A couple months ago, I wrote about why I love the TV show Bones, and what I’ve learned from it.

While I enjoy the science of the show, the whodunit aspect, and the quality writing, I would be lying if I didn’t say it has not only helped me understand myself better, it has helped me understand my wonderful husband better.

Said wonderful husband Kabyn is celebrating his birthday as most of you read this (September 12), so in honor of him, let me explain.

My wonderful husband is much like the character Booth on the show.  Kabyn’s got a tough seeming exterior with a heart of gold.  Kabyn cares deeply about people–people close to him, people near to him, and people far away from him.  He doesn’t dismiss people who are inconvenient, and seeks to understand the way others think.  He puts up with me (even in my crazy, demanding, cynical, or detached moods), and graciously loves me day after day, year after year.  He’s gentle and patient and is a good listener.

But the actual reason sometimes the Booth-Bones dynamic gets a little close to home is in a repeating pattern of arguments.  Kabyn isn’t swayed when I go into my heartless rationalist mode, and maintains that while science can explain many very important things, not everything can be explained by the laws that govern matter.  Things of a spiritual nature; matters of the heart; emotional connections–these things are of primary and eternal importance.

So not only do I appreciate my wonderful husband for putting up with me for three years and two weeks of some better and worse weeks and months and richer and poorer times, I appreciate him for helping me to grow and learn and live with meaning.  He has faithfully supported all my endeavors–scientific and otherwise–that have been a part of our story together thus far, and taught about me how to keep sight of issues of transcendent importance while seeking to understand more of the material world.

So happy birthday to my wonderful husband Kabyn.  Here’s to year full of good books, good beer, good NFL games, good friends, and good times together as a family.  I’m so grateful you’re my husband.

And thanks to Mae!  35 years ago it was a big big day for you.  Good work 🙂

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