Kabyn Birthday

First, breakfast out, complete with:

Menu coloring:

Coffee and tea (or the container of cream, in her case):

Here we all are, leaving in the perfect sunshine on a perfect day (Kabyn’s part of the sidewalk is slanted down from mine, it really is!).  This is Alaythia’s new favorite way to walk across a street:

Then church [not pictured], a huge pile of food (chips and guacamole, crockpot beef chunk chili, fresh crusty bread, banana cream pie, chocolate cake with gooey mocha frosting), and a sort of open-house of friends popping in for some food, football, and fun.  Alaythia and Charlie enjoyed playing nightnight on our big bed.  Observe Alaythia ordering Charlie to lie down:

Which he does to kindly oblige her:

Good thing Charlie has some serious NFL tackle potential, a skilled soccer kick, and has an arm with promise for pitching.  Alaythia may enjoy trying to order him around, but Charlie can hold his own.  Alaythia loves playing with him, and the two make a very happy set of toddler playmates.

Time to switch the pillows to the other end of the bed, as documented here:

After stuffing ourselves on food w/ two different rounds of friends, we even got a nice neighborhood walk in.  Happy birthday, Kabyn!  And thanks to everyone who joined us at home, on our walk, and who we ran into on our walk–as Pooh Bear would say, “It’s so good to have friends.”

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