Alaythia’s Second Birthday

So my apologies for writing a good birthday post… I kept meaning to, but was short on time, then the longer I waited, the better I felt it had to be.  Anyhow, I finally got over that, as I realized I may never have time for a stellar post.

So.  Alaythia turned two, and the day was heralded by Kabyn and I, and some good new friends.  You can click here, here, and then here to see some of the fun at home.  Alaythia got a helmet, to go with a trike we got for a fantastic deal on Craigslist:

She got a hold of the ingredients for her cupcakes in order to help me mix them… or some such thing:

She graciously put up with the first batch of cupcakes, a veritable disaster of sorts:

And happily enjoyed the results from fixing the physics and chemistry errors on the second batch:

You can see more of her fun with her friends at a park here and here.

Our friend Bethany did some much more timely documenting of the day here.

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