The Adorable Twos

Time for a little Alaythia report.

So our girl is not only sweet, cute, and smart, she is pretty funny these days.  Yesterday she got a little bit of (undiluted!) grape juice to aid the consumption of a couple of purple dissolvable Children’s Tylenol (which she refused in any other form).  She had a 101 fever and was miserable, and the spiked juice helped immensely.

First thing this morning, she woke up, and of course asked for grape juice.  She initially refused to say please, so Kabyn refused her juice, and she cried bitterly.  Not particularly unusual.  She finally, grudgingly, humbled herself to say a little “grape juice…. please…” and scored herself another sippy of juice.  She took a big long juice, sighed, and said loudly in a very satisfied tone, “Lay LOVE grape juice!”

[Note: She refers to herself in the third person as “Lay”]   To which Kabyn commented, “Well, that’s the first thing she’s ever loved.  Good to know.”  It made me think of my sister, her Auntie M, who loved few things more than she loved grape juice as a small child.  Kabyn then asked her, “Does Lay love Daddy?”  And she just kind of thought about it, but had no reply.

A regularly amusing activity around here is whenever I use the bathroom, Alaythia enthusiastically cheers and claps for me.  Strange side effect of potty-training, I suppose.  Alaythia’s friend Charlie has a similar habit, as documented here.  The same doesn’t go for Kabyn–sometimes when he goes to the bathroom, she runs into the living room, throws her face down on the couch, and cries mournfully, occasionally lifting her head to say, “No daddy go potty!”  Other times she will pound her fists on the bathroom door, yelling, “No daddy go potty!!”  So far as I can tell, Kabyn doesn’t let these actions deter him from his mission in such moments.

Speaking of Charlie, he and Alaythia are definitely fast friends.  Yesterday, they played long and hard in the morning, then Alaythia completely crashed and put herself to bed for her nap.  I suppose that was my first warning of her impending fever, but Charlie is much stronger and faster than her, so does wear her out well.  At any rate, once she woke up (feverish and unhappy), she came into where I sat working, put her face for her obligatory return-home or out-of-bed hi-mommy-give-me-a-kiss gesture, then immediately asked, “Where Mama Keren?”  I said Keren and Charlie had gone home while she was napping, to which she looked quite disappointed.  We then started packing up to run a few errands, and she got all excited when I said we were going in the car.  “Go play Charlie!” she said.  To which I had to issue disappointed news, yet again, and she promptly put her pillow on the floor, laid down on it, and said “No get off floor.”  Which was part protest of not seeing Charlie some more, and part just tired feverishness.  See more of Alaythia and Charlie here.

In case you’re wondering what Alaythia look like in a moment of bitter disappointment and pouting, observe the lip below.  We see the lip a lot, it’s something she mastered around 3 months of age… we’ve often been asked how we resist when she gets into her melodramatic, mournful mode.  She’s not prone to tantrums—instead, she often sits down slowly, lies down on the floor, stretches out her arms, and proceeds to carefully and deliberately sing a mournful song of sorts, taking care to not rumple herself in the process.  Let’s just say it doesn’t take much practice to peacefully ignore such a show.  What’s much more difficult is to not laugh–unlike the average infuriated toddler tantrum, hers is fairly amusing.

Alaythia is also growing a bit more (finally!), and seeming to enjoy food quite a bit more.  Maybe more Charlie influence… he outweighs her by a solid 10 pounds, but perhaps she is trying to catch up some of that space to help her keep up with him.  In order to facilitate her neuron development, Alaythia has taken to savoring the oil of one Omega-3 capsule each morning (yes, very reminiscent of Ellie Echodu!).  Kabyn and I take one in the morning, and one day she begged for one.  So Kabyn poked a little hole in the end with his fork, and squeezed it into her mouth.  She loved it, and it’s now a morning ritual.  And yes, they do smell (and I’m sure taste) like fish.  Strongly.  No idea why she loves it, maybe it’s just kind of exotic and exciting… it definitely kills my appetite for breakfast for a few minutes after, but I’m glad she’s savoring lipids with the proper kinds of double bonds.

We recently got to take a trip to Springfield, Illinois to see my good friends from college, Matt and Alyssa Lovell.  It was fun to meet their son Ethan, enjoy some relaxed Midwest time, and get away for a couple days.  Here’s a couple pictures of us enjoying the beautiful, crisp Midwest fall weather.

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3 Responses to The Adorable Twos

  1. Babu says:

    You liked raw oysters. Maybe you got some Omega 3’s eating them.

  2. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    I’d heard of the “terrible twos” but “adorable twos” works, too. So is the pertinent oil cod liver oil? Fish oils certainly don’t have the most charming smell. Ah … I can hear Kabyn saying “good to know.” 🙂

  3. Grandma Bushby says:

    I am a bit behind because of my trip to WA, which I enjoyed immensley. The pouty picture is great and very like her Grandma at the same age.

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