A Few of Her Favorite Things

Alaythia had some time with a few of her favorite people lately…

Grandma Bibi Smith came to visit last week, and the two had a great time playing, talking, reading, laughing, and exploring St Louis.  Bibi also taught her a bit about reading, as you can see here.

Along with lots of reading and letter- and word-learning, Bibi took Alaythia out and about a few times.  On one occasion they ran into a large grouping of one of Alaythia’s most favorite things: tiny stuffed animals.  Alaythia has a tiny kitty that is her most favorite thing (thanks to Rhonda Murphy–best ever gift!).  The kitty is small and gray and so well-loved already that it almost resembles a mouse more than a kitty.  So amidst the choice of any adorable tiny animal one could imagine, what did Alaythia pick as her gift from Bibi?

Just in case you can’t tell, or more likely, weren’t expecting it–that’s an opossum.  Yes.  An opossum.  Bibi let her pick a second animal as well, and guess what that one was?  A mouse.  Apparently we have a rodent lover.

There was one notable occasion in our home a couple months ago when I saw a little mouse scurry across the floor one evening.  I of course handled it with a scientific calm and rational detachment.  HA.  I grabbed Alaythia, ran shrieking into our room, jumped up onto our bed, clutching her tightly, and hollering for Kabyn to do something about it.  He was in the bathroom at the time, and reportedly thought the initial sound of me shrieking was actually someone squeezing a small dog.  At any rate, at some point I began to be worried I had scared my little girl, but she began to calmly pat my chest and comfort me, “Okay, Mama, okay.  Cute little mouse.  Okay, Mama, okay.”  My sweet little girl!  And Mama was okay, once the exterminator came to seal up what was apparently a giant hole in part of our kitchen interior wall.  And apparently it did little to decrease Alaythia’s love of all things rodent–maybe it only increased her interest.

Another of Alaythia’s favorite things is to play with Charlie.  She gets to play with  Charlie regularly, and ever since I uploaded this adorable video of them playing, she has insisted we watch it over and over.  And over.  Thankfully Mama Keren (as Alaythia calls Charlie’s mom) has many more videos of Charlie, though Alaythia much prefers to think happy thoughts about playing with Charlie, and watch the video of them together.  Not that she didn’t enjoy seeing this cute set of pictures of them together.

And one my favorite things: cute pictures of my cute girl.  These were taken by my mom, and show Alaythia having lots of fun with her grandma Bibi.

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