Declaring Victory!

We are officially declaring victory on awake-time potty training!  We/she have slowly been getting there the last couple months, and this week was the week.  No coincidence my mom was here over the last weekend–she got to start potty training, and see it through to the beginning of the end.  Many thanks to my mom, to Keren Marzinke for her faithful help, and to Bethany Robbins, Carlie Culver, and Sarah Hays for good motivation/ideas/inspiration.

A few tricks of the trade for us: finding potty seats/traveling potty seats that Alaythia finds comfortable.  She loves her tiny Baby Bjorn potty at home or her padded potty seat on the toilet, and out and about we use a super cool folding squishy potty seat.  Getting a chocolate chip as a bribe/reward is also quite effective, and my current “Counting to 10” technique… I count to 10 slowly while she sits; she tends to go around 7 or 8.  She learned to go “on purpose” finally with some help from the chocolate chips… give her one chip after a little potty, then promise another if she can squeeze out some more.  With motivation of chocolate chips, she mastered the art of squeezing out a little more!

This morning, I went out and did errands for about 3.5 hours with her and NO ACCIDENTS!  And at the second store, she told me she had to go.  Woo hoo! Wednesday morning she went out to the park with Mama Keren and Charlie, and again, no accidents!  Hence the declarations of the victory.

Next: naptime, then nighttime.  Then considering how to break her fixation on her pacifier and on rubbing her belly button… she can keep her love of purses and shoes if she likes.

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One Response to Declaring Victory!

  1. Sarah Hays says:

    Potty trained!! Happy day. 🙂

    That picture cracks me up, she looks just like Maggie. M is obsessed with rubbing her belly button too, it’s good to know she’s not the only one. 😉 I will be watching the paci situation with interest. We really need to get rid of ours…

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