A Midwest Trick or Treating

I didn’t do much treat or treating growing up.  Truth is, Halloween in Olympia, Washington is a little bit creepy.  Halloween in the Seattle area is just cold and wet, which doesn’t make for a lot of walking around outside kind of fun.

Not so St Louis.  Today it hit the low 70s, and around dusk it was pleasant, perfect for walking around and meeting friendly candy-giving Midwest neighbors.  Alaythia got her purse to fill with candy, learned to say “trick or treat!”, and discovered that tiny candy bars were quite delightful things.  We learned the system in the area is to sit in front of your building if you want to give out candy, so after we took Alaythia for a lap around the block, we set up camp in front of our building, and greeted some neighborhood kids.

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One Response to A Midwest Trick or Treating

  1. Sarah Hays says:

    I would just like to say that it was NOT wet this year. 😉

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