Friends at the Zoo

Last week, Keren took Charlie and Alaythia to the zoo.  I have to work while she works by keeping up with the two toddlers, but I get to enjoy a bit of their time together by enjoying the pictures later.  Thought I’d share a few.

I LOVE Charlie’s face here:

Even from a young age, males seem to feel they have to be the ones driving…

And females feel they have to correct them on how they drive…

My child, the opossum-lover… (I love this picture of her face… I think it’s a bit of how she’ll look when she’s a beautiful older woman, 70+ years from now).

Giving the goats a good brushing:

“Do you know what it is?”  “No, do you?  It’s huge, that’s what I know.”

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One Response to Friends at the Zoo

  1. Sarah Hays says:

    I just LOVE seeing pictures of those two together. I love (and miss) both of their mommies and I’m so glad they’re friends. 😀

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