Fall in St. Louis

So Fall is here!  And it turns out, Fall in St. Louis is a very interesting time, containing all sorts of weather except what Fall brings in Seattle.  We’ve had no cloudy days, no rain, and no 50-something days… lots of 70-80+ degree days when I thought it was high time for  Summer to be over, and lately there’s been a few days that are so cold and windy Alaythia has literally refused to go outside.

Here she is all bundled up for an intended trip to the library.  I took her outside, and the second she put her feet down she marched back up the steps, refusing to go any farther. “Too cold, Mama!  No go outside.  too cold.”

Some other recent fall photos (and videos, if you make it till the end):


A big surprise hug from Elijah:


Dragging Libby to come play with her (most amusing was the other day when she grabbed Libby’s hand and begged her to “come potty, Libby, come potty with me!!”  Girls going to the bathroom together apparently starts early):

And some cute videos: this one not to be missed if you’re at all familiar with her grandparents, or if you’re curious on the perspective of a child raised in a city… here is a cute playing in thee leaves video.

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