Alaythia’s Prayer Requests

We try to say a brief bedtime prayer with Alaythia each night.  We generally ask her if she has anything she wants to pray for or if she wants to pray, and she almost always says no (the one exception is a few months ago, one night she stated she wanted to pray for Ian; in retrospect, it may well have been good timing for her to have been praying for her friends the Haggards.

So tonight, I asked her if she had anything she wanted to pray for, expecting to hear the usual quick “No.”  But tonight, I asked her if she wanted to pray for anything, and she said, “Yes.  Church.”  She is always excited to go to our church, but we actually didn’t even go yesterday as she and I weren’t feeling well, so it wasn’t just fresh on her mind.

Then I decided I’d ask what she wanted to pray for “for church.”  Without delay, she replied, “My dress!”

Which is apparently what a little girl thinks about in connection with church.  I decided this was now a teachable moment, so I buried my face so as to keep from laughing, got my composure, and then suggested we also think about praying for a person.  I asked her if there were any people she would like to pray for, and she replied something that sounded very much like, “Majensa.”  I couldn’t understand her, and asked her to repeat herself.  She did, loudly and adamantly.  I still couldn’t understand, and kept asking her to repeat herself, then I started trying to guess what she was saying, which I think only annoyed her and she became more adament about praying for “Majensa.”

Finally it clicked–I asked her if she meant “Mama Virginia,” meaning our friend Virginia who lives nearby, and is the mother of Sofia, Alaythia’s 6-month-old little friend.  Alaythia delightedly said “Yes!”  So then I asked what we should pray for, for Mama Virginia, and Alaythia said, “Sofia!”

So… Mama Virginia and Sofia, tonight you got prayed for by a very earnest two year old.

As did her favorite dress.

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2 Responses to Alaythia’s Prayer Requests

  1. Virginia says:

    Thanks Alaythia! You’re awesome!

  2. Grandma Bushby says:

    What a great bedtime ritual. You are a very patient mother and I so appreciate that.

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