So Much Cuteness

First, if you’re a feedreader (Google Reader really is the best… if you don’t use it, you should) or an emailed-post type, make sure to click on the title to see the new style of our blog site.  I’ve made a few steps forward into hip-mommy-blogger land.

This past weekend, we had a lovely visit with the Allen family.  It was great to see them again, and it was especially great to see the little girls hanging out.  They had a marvelous time running around outside, and loved running through the old St. Louis Courthouse, especially on the many tall flights of bronze stairs.

And yes, downtown St. Louis is fully decorated for Christmas.

Has she been naughty or nice?  Some of both…

Thankfully there weren’t many other people at the Courthouse, and the ones we did run into seemed to enjoy their silly cuteness.  At some point it seemed they had had enough of their fun visit, though they remained amusing.  And yes, Violet reeeeeally loved to hug Alaythia!  Which Alaythia enjoyed… for a few seconds.

Both girls loved hugging the big pillars at the Courthouse:

Not hard to see how after lots of fun together, this would be the scene:

Has there ever been such a cute pair of girls?!

Stay tuned: Next time on the blog… Alaythia shows Violet the arch.

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