The Two Pool Rules

So Alaythia and I have gotten into swimming, at long last!  Alaythia has always loved swimming, ever since her lessons with Ian, Sam, and Elijah.  By “getting into swimming”, I mean we joined up at the local pool Saturday, and she has gone every day since.  I made it all but yesterday (Monday = Daddy Day).

She absolutely LOVES IT.  In fact, she literally laughs and giggles the entire time, which becomes a bit of a choking hazard, as she cannot seem to control her excitement.  She squeals and exclaims and laughs some more, which gets us lots of looks and smiles.  Every time she sees a lifeguard, she asks me [loudly], “Mama, what that girl (or boy) doing?”  And I try to come up with a new and clever response each time, since I know the lifeguards are listening and have heard this round of conversation quite a few times in their pool.  She literally plays until her lips are purple from cold, though I try to hold her as much as I can as I support her fledgling swimming skills in order to help her stay warm.  She doesn’t seem to care, though… she’ll keep laughing and giggling through chattering teeth.

On Saturday, I told Alaythia there were two pool rules to remember. 1) No drinking swimming pool water, and 2) No pooping in the pool.  This evening we drove over for another dip, and as I drove, I suddenly heard her in the backseat repeating to herself, over and over: “No drinking swimming pool water. No pooping in the pool.”   I smiled and congratulated her on remembering the two rules.

What I didn’t take into account was that she might be so concerned with the pool rules being followed that she would inform women in the locker room about the pool rules…

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one repeating the story of the tiny little girl and two pool rules tonight.

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