Diary of a Flowergirl: The Fulmer-Kamali Wedding

Dear Diary,

This week I was in a wedding.  For a while, whenever asked whose wedding it was, I would reply, “Laylay’s wedding!”  Finally, I had to admit it was, “Sherry’s wedding.”  It was my Aunt Sherry and Uncle Austen’s wedding, and it was a most exciting event for all concerned, especially the people in the wedding.  And as I was the youngest in the wedding, it was, of course, quite exciting for me.

I was a little nervous before the rehearsal.

Papa helped, though.

My job was to hold onto the big flowergirl’s hand, walk in with the other two girls, and then deliver my flower to Grandma B.

Click here to see my own early rehearsal, click here to see me during the actual official rehearsal.

I did have fun practicing delivering my flower to Aunt Marissa, though!

And I was quite  happy when it was all done.  My parents seemed nervous about my performance at the upcoming event, but I was proud of myself for getting through the first big day.

Then the big day arrived!  I was so excited.  I slept in, took a big nap, ate some yummy snacks, finally got my big potty trip in, and then we arrived.  I wanted to practice right away, much to the surprise and happiness of my parents.  Here I am getting ready!

I could NOT wait for my dress to arrive.  I kept asking when it would come… everyone else was all dressed up, and I wanted my dress!  Finally, it came and I got to put it on.  What a wonderful moment!

Marisa and MaeMae helped me get ready.

Then I was off!  I raced around everywhere, squealing with excitement.  I would show my parents I didn’t mind holding the big flowergirl’s hand!  I ran right up to her and grabbed her hand–everyone seemed surprised, but why should they be.  I knew I could do it, silly grownups.

I hadn’t wanted much to do with the other little flowergirl the day before, but when I saw her and we both had her dresses on, it was so exciting to twirl them together!

I was most excited about the whole thing.  I even played a little catch with Grandma B.

Here I am getting silly:

We did a few family pictures.  I actually decided to rest my hand on Mommy’s leg myself–how grownup, I thought.

Then it was time for pictures.  And I have to say, as much as I loved my dress, Aunt Sherry’s was sooooooo pretty!

I hope I didn’t ruin all the pictures.

Then it was time for all the kids to go wait for the big moment.  And really, I felt like the big moment had already come.  Several times.  I think we all did.

It was so peaceful and fun in there.  But then things took a downturn.  We had to go line up, again.  So not fun!  We’d already done all the fun things, we’d walked in, we put on pretty dresses.  Really, must we do all that again??  I got nervous.

The grownups had said I would try to line up with the flowergirls, but if I didn’t want to do that and didn’t seem like I would be able to walk in with them, then I would walk in with Auntie Marisa.  When the time came for Mommy to go sit down with the guests, though, she handed me to Auntie Marisa and I was NOT happy.  Not one little bit.  I was tired.  Tired of all of it.  Thankfully, MaeMae and Papa came to check on us, and they held me a bit.

Poor Mommy had to sit there in the audience, not knowing how I was doing or what I was going to do, AND she was awaiting Daddy doing his big performance.  Mommy seemed as nervous as me!

Here’s Daddy.  He didn’t seem nervous.

Was it the confidence of having Jocelyn’s Bible in tow? (thanks to our gracious hosts for the week… we much enjoyed your home!)

When the time came for my big entrance, this is what actually happened.

I think I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

Then it was time for me to watch the excitement unfold.

Daddy got things started.  I was so proud of him!

And just for our friend Randy Crisman, and any of Daddy’s other fans, here and here you can see more of Daddy.  I highly recommend the second one, at minimum, because everyone–including me–laughed really hard.

Aunt Sherry and Uncle Austen looked so cute!

I was so tired after.  But Daddy seemed happy and relieved.

Once we finally got out of where the wedding had been, I was very relieved and happy.

Then it was time for the party!

I started out with some delicious food.  I was tired and it was cocktail hour, so I savored an incredible homemade Greek pastry on the floor:

The dinner was also tasty:

And then more great homemade Greek pastries, sweet ones, all made by Austen’s mom’s family.

And who better to start off the dancing when no one else would dance… but me! Sherry and Austen had flown in their favorite singer from Santa Fe, Matthew Andre (he became my favorite singer, too!), and he actually played two songs just for me.  You can see more of my amazing moves here, my dance with Mommy here, and my final tired steps here.  Yes, I was trying to breakdance.  St Louis style.

It was a long and fun evening–I danced till after 11pm!  They practically had to drag me off the dance floor.

All together, it was a lovely evening.  We were all so happy for Austen and Sherry and their families, and were sad to say goodbye.

And, like any crazy New Year’s Party girl, I slept in my dress.  Here I am the next morning, watching the Rose Bowl parade:

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