Videos of Alaythia at Christmas

Here she is opening the big present from Santa (aka Bibi and Babu).  Can I just say how fun it is to have a little girl… we’ve been busy playing with the dollhouse, play with her new hairbrush a comb (simple, yes, but one of her favorite presents.  she “does” my hair daily, informing me in a businesslike tone, “Don’t talk while I do your hair.”  Then she confidently walks around me, fussing with each section of hair with her brush and comb.  Not for the sensitive of scalp, but definitely a fun time otherwise.

Here she is being silly and watching some kitty show on cable with my mom. It went on for quite some time, but I just got a little clip.  Oh how Alaythia does love to be amused by kitties…

After wearing down my parents for a bit, here she is the after a three hour drive during which she didn’t sleep a wink from Olympia to Arlington.  We stopped once in Seattle for her to potty, and she was furious: “This NOT MaeMae Papa’s!”  Obviously, she was excited.

Now we’re back home, watching lots of football (Seahawks?!), getting back into the groove of work/school/life.  And learning about how one gets through a COLD St Louis January!!

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