Accidentally Great Fathering

So Kabyn is finishing up work for a parenting class through his school, which is great, and it seems to be helping him being a better father in both conscious and also subconscious ways.

For example: last night I had a rare evening of going over to a friend’s house (Bethany Robbins) with a number of other women.  I left at a particularly daring time–not long before bedtime.

Kabyn and Alaythia savored their favorite Netflix show, Walking with Dinosaurs. When I got home, he reported they had a good time and she went off to bed just fine.

The two nights previous to this she had slept through the night (yes, consecutive sleeping through the night nights are to be celebrated around here!), so we were tentatively hopeful for a third.  But around 3am, she came running into where we sleep, crying and seeming quite distraught.  I picked her up in my half-asleep state, but even in my grogginess I realized she didn’t have the usual nightly Pull-Up on.  All felt dry, but I rushed her over to the potty, she went, and cuddled with her as we slept a few more hours (still Pull-Up free).  The only downside of the time was being kicked on occasion by feet that I realized had ballet shoes on… at any rate, she woke up this morning dry and happy!  And still with ballet shoes on.  We congratulated her heartily on her first Pull-Up-free night, and she said proudly she was wearing “Minnies” (i.e. underwear) to bed from now on.

At some point I asked Kabyn if he realized she had gone to bed without Pull-Up: no, he had not.  But, the timing seemed right!  Go Kabyn.

(He did know about the ballet shoes, however–she pretty much lives in those these days. She has been wearing them out and about, even in the sub-freezing temps we’ve been having.)

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