“I Teach the Babies” -AE (“HOORAAAAAAY!!!” -Mama)

Alaythia last night, being crazy and dancing (in the ballet shoes, of course):

Alaythia this morning, in the same exact clothes (down to the ballet shoes… yes, they were also worn all night)–after a completely clean and dry night, sans nighttime Pull-Up!

We celebrated this morning, and today I went and got her some Dollar Rack delights as presents for being done with potty training: a dollar sparkly crown (the Queen Esther crown, Alaythia calls it), a pen with a flower on the end, and a Disney princess dominoes game.  Alaythia said, “Diapers for babies.  I a big girl.  I teach the babies!”  You go girl.  Many a mother would appreciate you teaching that…

Hooray, we’re DONE with pottytraining!!!

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