Alaythia Quotes of the Week

First words of the morning, while rubbing her eyes and stretching, “Daddy, I need new sunglasses.”


Out of the blue: “I would like to have a pink dinosaur.”


“I did two poops: Mommy poop and Daddy poop.  Daddy poop big poop!”


When I asked her about the Science Center, after she and Kabyn went to visit it:

“I saw a T-Rex and a triceratops.  The T-rex was standing up.  The triceratops was sleeping.”  (a very accurate description of both dinosaur types and positions of the giant models in the Science Center)


Sad quote of the week: “I want to go to Bibi Babu house. I miss Bibi Babu.”  Later, to them on the phone: “May I please come to your house?  Please can I come to your house?”  Clearly demonstrating the toddler belief that if you say Please, your request will be granted for certain.  Poor girl.  We’re going to work on learning about counting days—15 days till Bibi comes to visit. 


“I do working with you, Mommy!” (as she appears by my desk, lugging her play computer)


“I’m Queen Esther!”  (every time she puts on her $1 potty training reward crown)


“I want to wear my ballet shoes in the snow!”  After I explain it’s cold and wet but then finally oblige her, as I know I’ll be carrying her anyhow: “Mommy, I should be wearing my snow boots.”  Yes, yes, you should.


At her babysitter, Katie’s, art show: “Mommy and Daddy, I want you to come to my art show!”  Somehow I think that might be in our future.


And upon seeing Katie’s impressively large installation on the corner of the studio, she said to Katie: “I want to paint on the wall, too!”   Anyone know where to get a roll of butcher paper?


Today, while we were playing blocks:  “Mommy, I will build you a house.  Then you will be happy.”

Yikes.  Wake up call of the week.  Apparently I complain about our apartment too much…

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