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Big Kitty

He once was lost, but now is found… Big Kitty, that is. After a long, terrible week and a half of way too much sickness to recount on a blog, the Vikesland females appear to be making a recovery.  In … Continue reading

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Last night, Alaythia and I were just kind of relaxing in the living room.  She’s been sick, so we had spent a few days not doing much.  She loves to draw/write on any and all paper, especially tiny pieces, and … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Birthday Party

We had a great time celebrating Charlie’s second birthday last week. I need not write my own post on it when such a good one is here.  Happy Two’s, Charlie!

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Alaythia Comment of the Week

Alaythia saw a picture of Baby Marzinke up on the Marzinke fridge this week, and said to me, “Mama, that baby going to come out of Mama Keren.”  I confirmed that what she said was true.  She went on, “Mama, … Continue reading

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A Daddy-O Song

Yesterday, Alaythia suddenly asked Kabyn: “Daddy, sing me a Daddy-O song.”  There is no history of requests for songs there, so Kabyn was surprised but began to make up a song and sing it to her. She interrupted and said, … Continue reading

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Winter Fun

Note: this post has lots of videos.  Click on unlined text to watch. Who says sub-freezing (or sub-zero, for that matter) temperatures are a reason to not have any fun?  Not us!  Bundle up and head out. Today we went … Continue reading

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Just Give Me Something…

Tonight, I gave Alaythia a few teething tablets to soothe what I think must be her two-year molars or some such toddler pain. After taking them, she turned to me and said, “Mama, can you give me something to make … Continue reading

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