Winter Fun

Note: this post has lots of videos.  Click on unlined text to watch.

Who says sub-freezing (or sub-zero, for that matter) temperatures are a reason to not have any fun?  Not us!  Bundle up and head out.

Today we went for a hike through a fresh 10 inches of snow, then stopped for a hot latte. Do note that despite the cold, the sun does come out here, making it completely impossible to get an eyes open picture in the snow of a Seattle-born toddler.

There’s lots to do in the winter.  You can run around the bird building at the zoo with your friend Sofia, looking for all the birds.

You could get your daddy to carry you through the zoo:

You could try to have fun at the butterfly house at the zoo, only to realize you can have no fun without your friends there. (Quickly followed by running back to the entrance, in search of said friends)

You could try really hard to warm up on your way home from the zoo:

You could, as we’ve been doing much of, go to the swimming pool.

You could call up your friends Jonathan, Keren, and Charlie, and let them know you’re coming over.  Then you could dance ballet with your friend Charlie or play with Charlie at your own house.

You could spontaneously, quickly, and secretly paint your nails:


You could talk about all the crazy fun you had at Christmas, talk about how “It will be Spring when Babu comes. And Babu and I will go to the zoo!” Or count down the days till Bibi comes to see you (2!):

You could learn to dress yourself, and practice at unexpected moments.  Here’s an early attempt at a pair of pants:


You could realize there is no fun to be had without your kitty.

[I realized I had about 20 more pictures of her w/ Big Kitty… I shall spare you the full collection. Though if you haven’t seen her filming her kitties, it’s time to watch.]

What else?

Oh come on.  What do you think we’ll be doing this weekend? Football has been her favorite for a long, long time.

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