Last night, Alaythia and I were just kind of relaxing in the living room.  She’s been sick, so we had spent a few days not doing much.  She loves to draw/write on any and all paper, especially tiny pieces, and she found herself a tiny yellow Post-It and began to focus intently on scribbling on the sheet with a pencil. 

I asked her what she was doing, and she replied, “I’m writing a letter to my mother.” 

“That’s so sweet!” I replied, “Your lucky mother. What are you writing her?”

“I’m writing, ‘Dear Mother’,” she answered, then as she kept writing, she repeated to herself a number of times, “Dear Mother. Dear Mother. Dear Mother.”  Finally we got a big sheet of paper, and worked on writing the D and the M in Dear Mother, and then she wrote “big O” and “baby O” letters for a while.

Later in the evening, she was brushing her teeth.  When she finished, she put her toothbrush down by the sink, and then spontaneously began to kiss it with lots of sweet and silly little pecks, saying as she did, “Goodnight, toothbrush!  I love you so much!! Sleep well!”

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