Big Kitty

He once was lost, but now is found… Big Kitty, that is.

After a long, terrible week and a half of way too much sickness to recount on a blog, the Vikesland females appear to be making a recovery.  In the midst of that terrible time, I realized another terrible thing.  We had lost Big Kitty.  I felt probably unrealistically devastated about this, but seriously… if you haven’t slept and your kid has a 104 degree fever and you’re getting sick, you really get upset about these things. I made every attempt I could from my sickbed to find him, but alas.  No success.  I can only hope Big Kitty is cheering another child so much as he once cheered ours.

BUT.  The highlight of my last ten days was realizing I had bought a little doggie to go with the kitty, made by the same company (on my work trip in Sept… a little present I had brought back for Alaythia).  I dug out the doggy (who was pretty much ignored, in comparison to Big Kitty), and indeed—he had tags.  Tags that allowed me to track down a website where, after careful examination, I found Big Kitty.

In my feverish and excited state, I communicated the website to my mom, who at some point did the exact same thing I did this morning–order a new Big Kitty.

So here’s to hoping they’ll let me switch Big Kitty to one of Big Kitty’s friends.

And really… you have to love a (as of last, sickly doctor’s visit) 24.2 pound girl who thinks 6″ stuffed animals are big.

And yes, that is my blog post.  I tried to only post fairly positive things, and that’s all I got… that and I got to enjoy two reruns of ER Season 1 today on my sick day.  Love that show.

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