Barbie, Princesses, or Dora???!!!

During our two weeks of quarantine, I didn’t have the time, energy, or brainpower to ponder too many deep thoughts.  There was one moment at the doctor’s office, however, that stood out to me.  As we were leaving with our poor feverish little girl, the nurse asked her, “Which sticker would you like for coming in? Barbie or princesses?”  I think I gave her a somewhat disgusted look, and then she added, “Or Dora?”  Alaythia was in the middle of four days of being too sick to hardly speak a word, so I quickly answered, “We’ll take Dora.”  And stuck it on her sweatshirt.  It did bring a little half-smile to her face, one of two things which brought cheer to her in those four days (the other was when I handed her one of the little pink baby Tylenol Heather and Libby had brought us–after hardly responding to anything, she got a big smile and said, “I love pink!”).

Once Alaythia was safely on the road to recovery, I kept pondering the issue of the three sticker choices.  Barbie or Disney princesses??  Really??  For a two year old girl?!   I mean really.  Who do I want my daughter to admire, to look up to, to think about, to stare at sticker images of–bizarrely proportioned plastic-featured stiff armed Barbie?  Princesses whose lives have meaning if and only if they capture the handsome prince (and who also appear to look like Barbie’s only slightly more realistic cousins)?  Or Dora, a spunky little adventurer, a team player, full of optimism, helping out her friends, always ready for a new challenge, always encouraging and cheerful, and even with a cute little belly that peeks out from time to time?

I’ll admit… a few weeks ago, I was not Dora’s biggest fan.  I actually dreaded the idea of Alaythia ever stumbling onto that show.  But upon realizing the options for little girl media icons, I realized, I kind of love Dora.

And after two weeks of sickness, I’ll admit… we’re already into Season 2 of Dora on Netflix.  And to be honest, it’s not that bad.  We’ve learned about 3-step processes, counting, problem solving, remembering things, picking appropriate objects out of backpacks, and even some Spanish.

Come on, vamanos!  Everybody, let’s go!

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One Response to Barbie, Princesses, or Dora???!!!

  1. Amy says:

    Your post reminded me of this article I read this week…

    Also, we really like the show backyardigans.

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