Alaythia loves to be silly.  Here she and her friend Libby are busy “playing bedtime” on pillows and reading each other tiny books.  If only they thought real bedtime was so fun…

Click Here to see the two girls are in the middle of many rounds of singing “Mambo, Sawa Sawa” in Swahili.

The silliness continues to time with other friends.  Of course, she and Charlie have many cute and silly moments.  Click Here to see one silly episode.

I even get in on the silliness.  Recently Alaythia and I play “class” with her little animals (mostly kitties), and Here she is introducing the kitties (at least with their names of the day–this morning the kitties were Charlie, Libby, and yes, Alaythia).  Here she and I are winding down after class is over.

My 30th birthday was mostly about both she and I feeling miserable, but we did have one fun birthday celebration spa moment.  Here’s the results of our silly fun time (before we collapsed back in bed again…)

I love my silly girl!

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