Alaythia’s 2 1/2 Year Old Birthday Party, Part I

Yes, we did it. We did it, we did it… we went to the park, and we had a treasure hunt. We cheered up the Sad Sidewalk, and we went to the Pink Mountain!  We did it, we did it… we did it!

Last week my parents were in town, so we decided… why not celebrate them being in town and the coming of spring, all of it falling conveniently on Alaythia’s half-birthday.  So we did it–a Dora the Explorer 2 1/2 year birthday party.

The goal: to get to the pink mountain.  How do we get there?  Through a color-coded treasure hunt, cheering up a sad sidewalk (with happy chalk drawings and balloons), and then… on to the mysterious Pink Mountain.

Want to be a part?  Then come on, vamanos!  Everybody, let’s watch!

Treasure hunt, part I

Treasure hunt, part II

To the Pink Mountain!

What to do with party balloons blowing around in the wind

More when I get the last video, the map of our adventures, and some pictures uploaded…

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