Keeping Honest

Alaythia was with Kabyn today, as she is most Mondays.  I hadn’t really seen much of her, but we did drive together to Young Life this evening.  We had this little conversation:

Me: How was your day with Daddy?

Alaythia: A car honked at Daddy. Daddy was impatient.

Me: Oh really?

Alaythia: Yes. You’re not impatient, Mommy. You’re a good person.

Me: [thought about what a great blog post this would make.  and couldn’t wait to tell Kabyn i knew his deeds.  in his defense–it was actually Kabyn that honked; another crazy Missouri light-running driver blasted through a red light and so he had to honk. at which point she did say, ‘Daddy, you’re being impatient.’]

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4 Responses to Keeping Honest

  1. so so so funny. elijah has been critiquing my driving for the last three months. the other day, he flat out told me i was a bad driver. he has no idea that i had to swerve out of the way so that a car didn’t hit us while running a red light!!!

  2. Marc Fulmer says:

    Among the best ever posts:)

  3. Keren says:

    Charlie just tells me to go faster!

  4. Sarah Hays says:

    HA! This made me laugh out loud!! 🙂

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