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Grandmother Visits, Part 2

One of the many cupboards of our new apartment my mom created twice the amount of space we thought was there: So cute 🙂 The delicious 30th birthday dinner Mae made for me!  I have zero problem with the fact that … Continue reading

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Alaythia Reads

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I was in the grocery store last night, picking our some produce with Alaythia. A woman was standing near me, holding up a bunch of bananas with a big Organic label on them. She was staring intently at the bananas, … Continue reading

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The Smith Side

It’s often been said Alaythia looks much like her dad’s side of the family. But here I’ll make a case for some resemblance from the Smith side. Does she look like me? Or what about her Auntie M? Or me … Continue reading

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Grandmother Visits, Part 1

The last two and a half weeks we’ve been blessed with much grandmother visit time: first my mom, then Kabyn’s.  Here’s a few pictures from May: Alaythia and I at the zoo, on a rare weekday morning off work (between … Continue reading

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On Food

I’ve been thinking a lot about food lately. Now those of you who know me know I ALWAYS think about food, in that, I love to eat food and therefore I think about it regularly. But I’ve also had reason … Continue reading

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Comments of the Morning

1: As I was laying in bed, trying to enjoy a few more moments under the covers, Alaythia ran in and tossed her pair of Easter bunny ears up onto the bed next to me. She announced proudly, “Now you … Continue reading

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