Grandmother Visits, Part 1

The last two and a half weeks we’ve been blessed with much grandmother visit time: first my mom, then Kabyn’s.  Here’s a few pictures from May:

Alaythia and I at the zoo, on a rare weekday morning off work (between Keren-maternity-leave and grandmother-arrival)

Keren and Charlie joined us, obviously eagerly awaiting the arrival of Little Tiny Baby Sister:

Then it was time to clean in preparation for Bibi’s arrival.  Alaythia eagerly did her part:

After my mom arrived, she and Alaythia did Alaythia’s favorite activity: playing makeup. In fact, Alaythia got to do her own, which she continued wearing as she helped Kabyn put together my beautiful new set of table and chairs.

Mother’s Day also included a wonderful brunch.  This really is the best of five pictures I got of my mom and Kabyn:

More to come, tornado warning in effect… much to the excitement of Alaythia, who has been begging to go play in the basement for the last half hour.

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One Response to Grandmother Visits, Part 1

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    Alyssa & Kabyn

    You have no idea how much we enjoy the pictures and narrations. Thanks so much for keeping us up on your lives

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