The Smith Side

It’s often been said Alaythia looks much like her dad’s side of the family. But here I’ll make a case for some resemblance from the Smith side.

Does she look like me?

Or what about her Auntie M?

Or me again… I’m seeing it a little bit here.

Me and Auntie M (does she look more like my sister than me?)

Auntie M:

If you’re not sure about previous-generation female resemblance, well, check this out.  If I said this was a retouched photo of Alaythia from last week, would you believe me?

Is this what she’ll look like in a couple years?

And then this?

If you’re not convinced back one generation, try back two.  Check out the cheeks:

Great-grandmother and a great-great-uncle:

The teen years of my grandmother Helen:

And perhaps where Alaythia got her classic beauty from:

I just love this picture.

 Your turn to vote: What do you think?  Who does Alaythia resemble the most?

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