I was in the grocery store last night, picking our some produce with Alaythia. A woman was standing near me, holding up a bunch of bananas with a big Organic label on them. She was staring intently at the bananas, looking back and forth between them and the bin full of “normal” bananas in front of her.

“Excuse me,” she said to me, “But could you explain to me what’s the difference between these bananas [indicating the organic ones in her hand] and those bananas [indicating the normal ones in the bin]?”

“Well,” I began, “The bananas you’re holding are organic.”  She looked confused, so I continued, “That means they’re grown without lots of chemicals and dangerous pesticides. They’re better for you.” I felt obligated to add, “They also tend to be a little bit more expensive.”

“Ah! Thanks,” she said, and continued to stare at the two groups of bananas as I began to walk away. I was a little curious which set she would decide on, and after a few moments, I saw her put the organic bunch into a bag — soon followed by another bunch of normal old pesticide bananas. 

I smiled as I imagined her going home with both sets of bananas, I presume to do a taste test… I could just hear her getting her friends or husband to try out the two sets of bananas: “Can you believe this? There are two different kinds of bananas these days.  This woman in the grocery store told me one has bad chemicals in them. Do you believe it? I can’t taste them, can you?”

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One Response to Organic

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I’m glad she met an unjudgmental, helpful Seattle-ite in the store. It’s rare to find one of those – in St. Louis or in Seattle!

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