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Learning Hebrew

So when this is what your Daddy is spending half the summer doing: One evening, you might announce you’re off to study your Hebrew letters.  At that point, your parents might be extremely curious as to what you are referring … Continue reading

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Life in Vikeslandland

Yes, Vikeslandland is a word, because I just made it a word. But I’ll confess, until I typed  it, I somehow didn’t realize there was two l-a-n-d’s back to back.  Silly, I know. It seemed I hadn’t blogged in a … Continue reading

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Recently, I was in Target with Alaythia, and she saw a darling little stuffed tiger (jaguar, actually) and begged to have it.  I responded without thinking much about it, “If you can go to sleep without your night-night [pacifier], you … Continue reading

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Alaythia just walked into my office after her nap, with her silky-on-one-side-soft-on-the-other light pink blanket draped over her.  She announced, “I’m all ready for the wedding!” “Oh really,” I answered, “Whose wedding?” Though from the looks of things, I thought … Continue reading

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The Ant Family

While MaeMae was here, apparently one morning Alaythia and Mae had a chat about Mae’s sisters and family.  When Alaythia woke up from her nap that day, she looked at me seriously and said, “MaeMae has a sister named Green … Continue reading

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