The Ant Family

While MaeMae was here, apparently one morning Alaythia and Mae had a chat about Mae’s sisters and family.  When Alaythia woke up from her nap that day, she looked at me seriously and said, “MaeMae has a sister named Green Ant.”

I was completely confused, then I finally said, “Do you mean Great Aunt?”

Alaythia adamently replied, “NO!  Green Aunt.  And another sister named Pink Aunt.”

Who’s who, Helen and Brenda?


We’ve been talking some about ants in general and how their society works, because Alaythia is obsessed with them and there are tiny ones all over the sidewalks these days.  As we walked out the front door yesterday, she said, “Mommy, did you know there’s a Mommy ant?”  I said, “I did, honey.  What does the Mommy ant do?”  I waited expectantly to hear all my careful science lessons showing fruit.  She thought for a moment, then replied: “The mommy ant works on the ant computer.”  Impossible not to laugh at the irony of what mommy ant does for work.  I decided to investigate further, “What does the daddy ant do?”  She quickly replied, “The daddy ant takes out the ant trash!”

Good daddy ant.

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