Recently, I was in Target with Alaythia, and she saw a darling little stuffed tiger (jaguar, actually) and begged to have it.  I responded without thinking much about it, “If you can go to sleep without your night-night [pacifier], you can have it.”  A few nights later, she suddenly declared she wanted to do that very thing.  Here we are, the next morning:


She introduces Tiger here:

In case you’re curious, it’s been a long, hard, sleepless week. BUT I’m really proud of her: she’s been determined. Unlike what I expected, she has not begged to have her night-night back. She wants that Tiger Smith Kitty (yes, that’s his name), and she’s stubborn! But… after a week of her not being able to go to sleep for an hour+ at nap and nighttime, and then not being able to stay asleep past 5am (this after going to sleep at 10pm, no joke), we sat her down, explained we’d made a bit of a mistake, and she now gets it after second-potty-trip, around 3am. She goes to sleep happily enough, it just takes forever, and bedtime and naptime get later and later and later… we’re hoping sometime soon we all adjust and things go back to “normal”. Or at least a new normal, that involves her sleeping at least 9.5 hrs a night (or 11, that would be so wonderful, yes, 11…!).

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