Life in Vikeslandland

Yes, Vikeslandland is a word, because I just made it a word. But I’ll confess, until I typed  it, I somehow didn’t realize there was two l-a-n-d’s back to back.  Silly, I know.

It seemed I hadn’t blogged in a while, and all of the sudden I find myself on a Sunday evening without some last-minute-before-the-week work to do, a child asleep before 8pm (!!!!), and a poor hardworking husband staring at ancient letters (Hebrew) and trying to make sense of them.

So if you’re wondering what Kabyn is up to these days, he’s studying Hebrew.  A lot. And it really looks like no fun whatsoever. His textbook makes my graduate school quantum mechanics books like Redbook.

But one can really only study the pi’el and pa’el (I think that’s the two words I just wrote when I made a little index for his notes… and no, I don’t generally do that kind of thing) so much.  When he’s giving his tired brain a rest, he faithfully still cooks us dinner AND breakfast (when asked what daddies do, Alaythia will tell you: “Daddies cook food. My daddy is a good cooker.” And she is correct!  We eat well, and healthfully, thanks to Kabyn and yes, a Trader Joe’s without which our lives would be… well, I’m not sure I want to think about it).

Alaythia is busy doing what toddler-preschooler types should do in the summer.  She plays in fountains at all the St Louis parks, swims and plays in pools and kiddie pools whenever she can, and spends time with her adorable friends and her wonderful babysitters.  In fact, her life is quite the social adventure: new friends and destinations nearly every day.

I’m happily not as busy with work as I generally am, and am savoring time to play with Alaythia in the fountains and kiddie pools, go running (20 mins in 90 + humidity = 60 mins in 55 and drizzly Seattle!!), do a little reading, and get to actually spend some good time with people (where “people” doesn’t always mean babysitter-arriving-or-leaving).  It’s been quite fantastic, actually.  I’ve been trying to figure out ways to sustain a bit of this calm and balance through the quickly-approaching next season of work.  Last year was pretty rough for us in a lot of ways, but I think we’re all feeling a bit better about our second year here.

And it hasn’t hurt that June has been full of 70-85 degree, mostly sunny, often breezy, and occasionally rainy days.  And 70 with a slight drizzle is plenty warm for a kiddie pool, I say!  And the extra nice part is that you get it all to yourselves 🙂    If St Louis was like this all the time… well, it’d be San Diego.  Which must be a fantastic place to live.

Here’s a few pictures for you to savor until my next update:



(she took this one herself!)


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