A Kazooing Fourth of July

In an effort to have a completely patriot Midwest Fourth, we began our day with a [very small] parade that the little one even got to be in:

Alia pushing Alaythia in the parade:

But the big event came after: we were a part of a world-record attempt at ensemble kazooing.  Great music, great company, and, well, playing kazoos with thousands of other people.  What else can I say!  To allow you to fully experience the fun, I’ve posted a number of videos (and some pictures).  Enjoy being a part of our Fourth!

Here’s the Robbins fam registering their names for the big event:

Dan with the event program:

Bethany, getting psyched up for the big event:

Visiting with the Jensens:

Musing deeply on theology, philosophy, and the seminary life:

Warming up:

Some fun with fun friends (pics courtesy Alaythia):

Some kazooing practice:

Alaythia and Elijah kazooing as the soloist warmed up:

The kids warming up their kazoos with Dan:

And you’re never too young to kazoo, as Lazarus (and Bethany, another young one 😉 proved:

Finally, it was time for the event to actually begin. Though there was an hour or two of beautiful music before the much-anticipated kazoo event. Here’s part of a lovely Midwest Star-Spangled Banner:

Here’s part of the great kazooing warmup:

And finally, part of the great world-record attempt, featuring the Robbins family doing the Stars and Stripes Forever:

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