Evening Thoughts

Last night, as I put Alaythia to bed, she said, without taking any breaths in the middle:

“Mommy, tomorrow we won’t see Bibi and Babu for a long long time and then when it’s getting cold Bibi will come! and then when it gets colder and colder Babu will come too! and then Snow White will come and she will wear a long long pretty pretty dress and then I will wear a long long pretty dress for when I get married with Charlie!”

Such is the mind of this little 2.9 years old girl… Never an unentertaining moment these days!

p.s. Charlie, I hope you’re aware that whenever the topic of long long dresses come up, or whenever she wraps her favorite pink silky blanket around herself, or at just about any opportune time, “getting married with Charlie” tends to come up as well.  Not to worry, we’ve told her that she can consider the idea again exactly 30 years from now…

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One Response to Evening Thoughts

  1. Grandma Bushby says:

    I just love the workings of an all most 3 year old. Go Alaythia, imaginations are great. Someday she will probably say,”Now who was Charlie, I sort of remember him,” or just perhaps she will marry him. Love you all grandma

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