Alaythia’s first day of preschool

The day started with her announcing at 6.45am, “Mommy, I STILL can’t sleep,” though in actuality she had a full night sleep.  We got ready and had a wonderful breakfast from La Restaurante De Kabyn (the same restaurant had her lunch all ready and packed in her Tigger Purse Lunchbox inside her Dora-like purple backback).

Then it was only about 7:40am, and suddenly we could hear Alaythia from the front stairs, “Come ON, Mommy!  It’s time to go!  Hurry hurry!”   Though in reality we had a while yet to wait.

To say she was excited would be an understatement.  To stall a bit, we took a few more pictures.  We wanted to have her in her backpack for the pictures, but she said it was too heavy.

Then we were off!  She wanted to carefully check her backpack to make sure everything was there:

Once we were in the building, we had to climb some stairs.  I stopped to take more pictures and got more, “Come ON, Mommy!”

She was, of course, the first non-teacher’s-kid there:

To her delight, her things are all marked with a pink triangle.


Then came all-school assembly (she’s sitting next to her teacher):

Then the first big challenge of school: learning line formation.  They were all wide-eyed and eager to learn, but it was no small feat.

I was volunteering at the school for the first part of the morning, and I could hear the preK-3 class from the office where I was.  I heard two cheerful, excited voices: Miss Abby (her teacher) and Alaythia.  Occasionally another voice would pop in, but the vast majority of student-speak I heard was hers.  She sounded bright and chipper and excited to be there, and certainly not shy!  Hopefully she can help the other kids feel more comfortable soon.

They had a break after a bit and so I helped the teacher with her class, and Alaythia seemed much more interested in getting into line properly and doing all the tasks of the morning than she was in seeing me, which I’ll take as a good sign. 

I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of her big day!

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2 Responses to Alaythia’s first day of preschool

  1. Marc Fulmer says:

    How wonderful! What a joy. Papa

  2. Dixie Jones says:

    She is such a DOLL!! Are you going to be able to file the pictures for the future? I remember sending my two off to school. Ray was one year ahead of Rhonda, so she could hardly wait to attend. He was lazy, and she was a real “go-getter”.ha ha! But, I have about thirty albums full of pictures, too bad we didn’t have computers in those days. I kept albums with the pictures they had drawn in school, plus there baby books were up to date. They have them now. Keep the pics coming.

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