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Why Living with a Three Year Old is like Living with a Crazy Person

Disclaimer: I do not mean to imply anyone with mental illness is in a catch-all category of “crazy”.  I am only implying that three year olds maybe fit the catch-all category of “crazy” quite well at times.  Most of the … Continue reading

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Tiny Vikesland

There’s a picture of Tiny Vikesland, expected (according to today’s ultrasound) April 18, 2012.  Which makes me around 11 weeks–and very ready for the first trimester to be over!  My wonderful husband, however, has been graciously accomodating me getting up … Continue reading

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I love watching Alaythia paint. She can paint for hours, especially now that she has an easel.  She is fascinated with color: she will spend half an hour carefully mixing paint onto one small spot, and the truly amazing thing … Continue reading

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Last night was Sunday night football family sit-on-the-couch evening.  At one point as I was sitting on the couch, Alaythia spontaneously came up to me, threw her arms around me, and said, “Mommy, you’re SOOOOO cute!”  I felt appropriately charmed … Continue reading

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Birthday Week 1: Cardinals Game

It’s birthday week around here… first celebration up was our first family trip to a Cardinals game in honor of Kabyn’s big day (thanks Mom and Dad Smith). Some cheering: If you’ve ever wondered whose kid it is that dances … Continue reading

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Birthday Week 2: Braeutigam Orchards and Party

Alaythia’s birthday began with a fun school field trip to an apple orchard: There was even some cow feeding to be done: Tractors to be ridden:  And hay bales to be sat on: Then we had a naptime drive through … Continue reading

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Bathtime Thoughts

Alaythia to herself, while playing with bubbles in the tub, “Kids listen to mommies and daddies. Mommies and daddies listen to God. Kids listen to God too! ‘Child, listen to Me. Child, listen to Me.’ “

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