Morning Drive

Driving to Mama Keren and Charlie’s (and Wendy’s 🙂 is a bit of a trek, but historically Alaythia and I have had fun chats on the trip.  I think she’s usually so excited to see Charlie she’s in a great mood and feeling silly.

This morning, as we drove past her school, I noted that it was there but that it wasn’t a school day today.  She began singing cheerfully in a sing-song way, “School, school; school, school; school is my favorite thing!”  I guess she’s adjusting well.

This particular morning, Kabyn happened to be en route to school at the same time, and we actually saw him on the drive several times.  We had fun trying to catch up to him and she kept trying to get his attention.  I don’t think she realized he couldn’t hear her, as she kept trying to yell at him.  What was she yelling, you may ask?  A sweet “Hi Daddy,” perhaps, or a “Have a good day, Daddy”?  Nope, not today.  Today she kept yelling, clearly and emphatically, “Daddy, what’s the round thing on your head that keeps your ears soft?!”

And no, Kabyn wasn’t wearing earmuffs.  I have absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

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