I love watching Alaythia paint. She can paint for hours, especially now that she has an easel.  She is fascinated with color: she will spend half an hour carefully mixing paint onto one small spot, and the truly amazing thing is that when she’s done, it’s not all brown and black!  Most of them are really beautiful – intriguing layers of color and texture. She rarely attempts to paint any real objects – though she can – it’s just all about color to her.

I suspect her style and skill is being influenced by Katie, her highly talented M.F.A. Friday babysitter.  Give those two paint and paper and they’re ready for a great day.  Alaythia loves Katie and always says she can’t wait to show Katie her paintings.

The picture shows today’s work in progress. A cell phone picture doesn’t fully do justice to today’s blue-green-purple theme, but it’s what I have.

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