Tiny Vikesland

There’s a picture of Tiny Vikesland, expected (according to today’s ultrasound) April 18, 2012.  Which makes me around 11 weeks–and very ready for the first trimester to be over!  My wonderful husband, however, has been graciously accomodating me getting up as late as possible and going to bed as early as possible, cooking breakfast and dinner–and working around all my cravings (burritos and raw tomatoes are about it so far, oddly enough) and also the foods that I can’t bear to look at.  He’s the best pregnant-woman-husband ever. 

As for the future big sister… Alaythia got to come along today and see the ultrasound, or “baby movie”.  Unlike the early ultrasound we saw of her, in which she was flipping and doing tricks like crazy, this baby was resting quietly.  I was worried something was wrong, but the doctor said it was perfectly common and was just sleeping.  Sleeping!!  Our new baby might have its father’s genes (instead of my sleepless ones…) and love to sleep!

After the visit, Alaythia and I went by Once Upon a Child.  We looked at toys for preschoolers, then Alaythia managed to find all the fluffy pink dresses in anything close to her size.  I let her know we already had about 200 fluffy dresses and wouldn’t be getting any.  She wandered around a little bit, and stopped by a small bin, looked at something, then lifted it out and handed it to me.  She looked up with those beautiful blue eyes of hers and said, “Mommy, could I please get these for the baby?”

Needless to say, I said of course we could, and that it was the sweetest present imaginable from a big sister.

I did gently point out that it could be a boy… but that of course he would love them too.  She responded cheerfully, “No Mommy, it’s a girl.  I KNOW.”

An update coming to that effect end of November or so…

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2 Responses to Tiny Vikesland

  1. christie says:

    CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Grandma Bushby says:

    Your 3 year old sounds perfectly normal to Great Grandma and I love all the nonsensical things she does. Thanks for Tiny Vikesland’s picture. Way back when we did not have such an opportunity and I am so glad you do. Love You

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