So like the rest of St Louis, we spent an excessively high percentage of our time in October watching the Cardinals.  And when I say “we”, I do mean all three of us.  In fact, Alaythia is one of the Cardinals most die-hard fans. 

Here she is letting you know who her favorite player is, and doing one of her [many, many] Cardinals cheers:


And while you might think a three-year-old would get tired of cheering for the Cardinals, she actually never did.  Ever.  The clip below gives you a sense of her perseverance:


I finally just stopped filming because I was more worn out on her cheer than she was.

And if you think she took a break from cheering for the Cardinals between games, well, then you weren’t at a local high school football game when she suddenly stood up, cupped her hands, and then yelled as loud as she could, “STRIKE THEM OUT!  STRIKE THEM OUT!”

Yes, that really happened.  Yes, everyone around laughed, and I still laugh about it on occasion…

After the sleepless and emotional game 6, game 7 marked a turn towards more sleep.  In fact, we had a lot of fun just kind of relaxing during the game: sitting by the fire, playing blocks, and of course, cheering.  At one point I wanted to put Alaythia’s warm pajama top on so she’d be warmer, but she shrieked in a panicked voice, “NO, Mommy, you CAN’T! The Cardinals have to see my Cardinal spirit!”  What was I thinking.  Here she is, in t-shirt but no warm pajama top:



Come the end of game 7, we all happily watched the final out.  Her work done, Alaythia cheered and enjoyed the fireworks, then fell fast asleep to begin recovering from the exhausting post-season.

I continued sitting on the couch, leaning forward to watch, tired but enjoying the celebration, as Kabyn periodically shouted in exultation.  At one point, my stomach felt strange, and so I leaned back–then suddenly realized what was going on.  Turns out I am growing another little Cardinal fan!  He or she was too excited by the great victory to keep his/her motions a secret any longer, and had to join the celebration.

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2 Responses to October

  1. Dixie Jones says:

    Well, we watched the game, but Jim was for Texas because he thought it was time they won. I just don’t go along with some of the rules, mainly when the pitcher throws the ball away from the plate to MAKE a player walk. I think that is soooo crooked!! Also, we watched all of the games night after night, and what REALLY gets me, is these guys have been playing since they were little boys, so WHY CAN’T THEY HIT THE D… BALL!!! Golly, it just drives me nuts!!

    Alaythia will probably be one of those litle old ladies in the stands some day, rooting for her favorite team. Some of them look to be in their nineties. ha ha!

  2. Grandma Bushby says:

    Go Alaythia, I love your spirit. Great Grandma

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