Best Husband Ever

This morning, I awoke–at 8:57 am–to happy chattering from Alaythia, as she “helped” Kabyn finish up a stack of freshly made crepes for breakfast.  I staggered out, got some coffee, and proceeded to savor the best crepes imaginable.  Somehow Kabyn makes phenomenal crepes, that are even wheat-free!  I have no idea how that’s even possible.  But they are incredible.  I’ve been known to beg for them for dinner mid-week, but I’m virtually guaranteed at least one round of them for the weekends (after, of course, my 9am wakeup that Kabyn lets me have all weekend…).

This evening, after seeing a friend’s darling new baby, Alaythia and I got home to the smell of delicious curry.  We ate a fabulous dinner of chicken curry that Alaythia even begged for THIRDS on!  As we finished, Kabyn got us little bowls of Greek yogurt with berry sauce.

And now Alaythia is climbing all over Kabyn and laughing hysterically, as they prepare to cuddle up and see if Alabama or LSU shall prevail.  (If anyone is curious, Alaythia is enthusiastically cheering for “Alavama”.  No, I don’t really have any idea why she picked them, but it’s definitely a decisive choice… she’s now instructing us to cheer with her, “Don’t get a hit, Alavama!  Don’t get a hit!”)

No, I didn’t make any of this up.  No, this is not a terribly atypical day around here.

Yes, I have the best husband ever!

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